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Follow-Up Patient Survey Posted on 12 Jul 2023

Follow-Up Patient Survey undertaken by the PPG in April 2023

The full results of this survey have now been published, together with the response from the Practice.


The survey was undertaken by PPG members during April 2023 and 219 questionnaires were completed. 

Overall, the results of the Follow-Up Survey were much better than those of the National GP Patient Survey, undertaken in January 2022:

·      77% had found it either very easy or fairly easy to get through to the Practice on the phone

·      95% were satisfied with the appointment they were offered

·      92% described their experience of making their appointment as either very good or fairly good

·      91% felt their needs had definitely been met – and another 8% felt their needs had been met to some extent

·      96% described their experience of the Practice as either very good or fairly good.

The survey identified a number of issues that need to be addressed and the PPG’s report sets out recommendations for the Practice. 

The Practice has now considered the results of the survey and the PPG’s recommendations.  Their response sets out the actions they are now taking – or have already taken - to address the issues identified by the survey.


PPG Survey Final Report - Follow Up Patient Survey 2023 Report FINAL.pdf

Practice Response to PPG Survey - PPG Survey Review 9 6 2023.pdf