Family Planning and Womens' Health

Family Planning Services

  Contraception Services

For family planning advice including coil fitting, depo and the pill please phone (01929) 422231 and speak to a receptionist who will make you an appropriate appointment.  You may, of course, consult your own GP for family planning if you prefer.

Womens' Health Services

  Cervical Smears

Women, normally between the ages of 24 and 65, will be invited for a routine smear test every three to five years.  Smears are normally taken by our practice nurses but may also be taken, if considered necessary, by your doctor.

  Breast Screening

All women who have reached the age of 50 are offered a breast screening service every three years until the age of 65.  You will have a simple screening x-ray called a mammogram.  Leaflets on breast examination are available at the surgery.  Please make an immediate appointment to see your GP is you discover any breast lump.