Test Results

About Test Results

Routine medical tests may include blood tests, smear tests (cervical screening), mammograms (breast screening), X-rays and urine tests. You will not need to contact the surgery about test results unless otherwise directed. However, please be assured that if the results come back and there is a need to discuss further, the doctor will call you.

  Access and view your medical records and test results online.

If you are registered to use GP Online Services, you can view test results and your medical records through SystmOnline.

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For more information about how to do this online, view our Online Access web page by following this link:>>

If you have the NHS App, you can also view your test results in your GP health record directly using the App of through your NHS Account online by following this link:>

If you wish to discuss your test results and viewing online is not an option, please phone us on 01929 422231 after 2.30 pm.